Cloud Transformation for a Retail Giant

Background: A multinational retail corporation was relying on outdated on-premises infrastructure, leading to inefficiencies and scalability issues.

Challenge: Transition to a cloud-based infrastructure without disrupting ongoing retail operations and ensuring data security.


  • Conducted a comprehensive assessment of the current infrastructure and identified key areas for migration.
  • Developed a phased migration plan to minimise operational disruptions.
  • Implemented a hybrid cloud solution to maintain certain critical operations on-premises while benefiting from the scalability of the cloud.
  • Ensured robust security measures, including encryption and multi-factor authentication, to protect sensitive customer data.
  • Provided training sessions for the client's IT team to manage the new cloud infrastructure.


  • 50% reduction in infrastructure costs.
  • 35% improvement in operational efficiency.
  • Enhanced scalability, allowing the company to handle peak shopping seasons effectively.
  • Improved data redundancy and disaster recovery capabilities.

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